Best Practices on Pipwitz

Piptwitz prides itself as a venue for market participants to congregate for the purposes of mutual discovery, sharing, networking, and learning. We strive to be the place for investors and traders to quickly get up to speed on market-moving information and insight which is driving real-time changes in investor mood and sentiment.

To ensure these goals are met, a community with vested interest in constructive and organized dialogue is essential for everyone to receive maximum benefit from their experience on piptwitz.

Let’s keep it professional by remembering we all want to make money and better trades and investments. In this spirit, here is a short and simple guide of Do’s and Don’ts that when practiced keep the conversation and discovery on point to the benefit of everyone.

  • Include a relevant pair in the #hashtag on your message. This ensures your message appears on the proper idea stream, for the right audience which furthers your reach.
  • When engaging in a conversation with others, use “reply” or the + icon.
  • Be a curator of excellent content. Sharing great messages or links from other authors builds trust with your audience, and solidifies your reputation as a “thought leader” and spreader of goodwill.
  • When sharing a link to a blog post or an article, paste the long original URL in the Piptwitz message box.
  • Always send links to direct articles (not homepages), and give attribution to the author of any links you share (“via @username” – if the link isn’t authored by you).
  • If you see someone sharing great content or smart ideas on the stream, give them a shoutout! Giving props to people who exhibit best practices is contagious and betters the experience for everyone.
  • Be helpful when users ask you questions. The more you can engage in two-way conversations, the more you’ll gain from your experience on Piptwitz.