Engaging With Traders

Piptwitz highly encourages engagement, new traders feel at home and they have a chance to learn from other experienced traders.

There are different way to engage with other traders in the community.


If you love to join the conversation then you can dive in the comment section and users will be notified when you comment on their posts and they can reply you back.


We have a couple of reactions that you can instantly use them to react to the traders post.

  • React by clicking the dollar icon.
  • Love icon
  • Haha icon
  • Wink
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Crazy
  • Speechless
  • Grateful
  • Celebrate and
  • Like.

All these are instant without typing a comment.

Image Comment

Sometimes you will love to react with an image or meme and we have sorted it out for you.

Click the camera icon and you will get a chance to upload your image or meme and top it up with a comment then hit publish.

Saving Posts

Sometime you will need to save a post for later reference. We have provided access for users to save posts they like and view them later on saved posts.

Click the save icon and it will be saved automatically.


You can also repost posts and they will appear on your personal feed as well, reposting with a comment is also possible on piptwitz.

Click the repost icon and a pop up modal box will appear giving you a chance to type a comment or repost without adding a comment.

These are the different ways to engage in piptwitz.com