Making a post

If you feel overwhelmed when you first land in the community worry not this is how you will make your first post on

Text Based Posts

Once you login you will see this box on the front page, this is your gateway to make your message public. Text posts cover almost 60% of the overall content provided per day and limited to 1500 characters per post. It is the easiest way to participate in the community so do not feel afraid to ask a question, post an opinion or say anything in your mind about trading, it can help a trader who is struggling at any moment. Here is what it will look after publishing your post.

Image Based Posts

The same post box will also allow you to post your images/photos very fast and easy.

Click the camera icon then click where it says “click here to start uploading photos” the system will take you directly to your photo gallery or camera option, depending on your choice you can now easily upload photos and they will sent to the community instantly.

Audio Based Posts

You can also post audio posts and here is how you can do it.

Click the music icon then click upload, you can upload your audio file directly from your media files and the system will convert it. However if you wish to link your podcast URL you can paste the link it it will fetch the actual content. After that you are ready to publish you audio content.

Video Posts

Click the video icon then click upload, the system will take you to the camera or media files where you will select your desired content then upload it.

It usually take 2-4 minutes to convert the video then you will receive a notification that your video is ready.


If you have a poll you can also post it on easily by clicking the poll icon. You can put two option as a default or add as many options. You can post the question on the caption are and click publish. Once that done your followers will be able vote.

These are the 5 major ways you can easily share your ideas and thoughts on