Piptwitz Introduces Pip Rewards

Pips are rewards that are given to users when they make a post to the community. Other ways of earning pips on piptwitz.com is by adding friends and making connections. When you add a friend and that friend accepts your request you will automatically be rewarded in form of pips.

How many pips can you make?

Well, there is no limit you can earn any amount of pips as long you participate in the community.

Making a Post: 0.35 pips
Adding a friend: 1 pip per friend

This threshold will continue to rise time after time so traders can be rewarded for their participation.

How can I use these Pips?

Currently pips can be used to apply for the verification.We are adding few more ways on how you can utilize pips in the community.

Pips can not be transferred from one friend to another at the moment but we are looking to enable that feature very soon.