Using Piptwitz Mark-Down

Since we have increased the character limit from 1000 to 2200 we have also introduced various markdown techniques, so when drafting that longer post you can have that flexibility to modify it rather than leaving that longer boring text. Let’s see how you can add some style when making that post on .


# Header, So when writing that header you will start with the hashtag symbol # then leave space then type your heading. See example below.
# How To Trade Forex For beginners. This will turn the text to a heading like this after you hit publish. How To Trade Forex For Beginners

Bold Text

Some times you may want to bold your text to make some emphasis, worry not we have made it easier for you. Start with ** Bold Text ** . When composing your text, make sure the targeted text to be inside the two double stars.

Italic Text

You may also want to italize your text to show some exclusivity. That is also easy this time we will use *Italic Text* The targeted text must be inside the single stars.


~~strikethrough~~ Make sure the targeted text is inside the strike symbols and the result will appear like this strikethrough

We hope you will enjoy this please let us know if you liked them by posting on with the #markdown hashtag.