So you wanna know how it all started? Our aim was (and still is) to create a professional community for traders. Piptwitz.com originally named Tiger Network is a social media platform for traders and entrepreneurs The idea behind Piptwitz.com came after struggling to look for a reputable trading community on the early days of our trading careers one could spend countless hours wondering from one group to another with no success of landing to a dedicated trading community with purpose. There was an absence of a community with like minded individuals who where really focused on trading as a business and piptwitz was born to fill the gap.

Piptwitz has traders all over five East African countries Tanzania (95%), Kenya(3%) and Uganda(1%) Rest (1%) and growing at a very fast pace.

Piptwitz Dominating The Eastern African Region.

Traders can connect with other traders by sending friend requests or follow his/her idol trader, make posts in form of text limited to 650 characters, images, Audio in form of podcasts, videos and polls which are none destructible. Traders can also schedule posts where the system will post them at the desired time and date set by the user.

This is definitely a place where any trader should be.

Follow along with other posts so you can learn use piptwitz stress free.

If you have a suggestion, idea, question, or just a comment, you are welcomed to contact us.